Altar Servers

Are altar servers important to the Mass?

Being an altar server is an important service to the parish community. It is a ministry and is approached with the same respect as the other ministries, such as extraordinary ministers of holy communion, lectors, cantors, and ushers. The main ministry of the altar server is to assist the priest and deacon and help with those things happening at the altar. Altar servers help the liturgy to go smoothly and by their example invite the assembly to join fully in the prayers, songs, and gestures of the Mass.

Who can be a server?

At St. Joseph we ask that a server: 1) be in the fifth (5th) grade or older, 2) has received First Communion, 3) is willing to attend a training session, 4) desires to serve regularly, and 5) is willing to serve at Mass if a server is needed.

Serving as an Adult or as a Family

We are interested in widening our altar server ministry to include college age, adults, and even families (as a group) serving together at Mass. Certainly we want to encourage our children and youth and do not want to displace them in this ministry but we always seem to need more servers!

How can I get started?

If you are interested in please contact Mrs. Linda Schwark at email:   or  410-552-3560