“Do not be afraid. Open wide the doors for Christ.”
“The call to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ is urgent and necessary.”

—Pope Saint John Paul II

Our mission is to respond to this call as we create avenues for our community, those who are members of our parish as well as people within our broader community, to encounter a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, as members of His Church.

Evangelization Outreach Ministry

The Christlife series is a practical tool to pic_Ev_Discovering Christ4_2015implement spreading the Good News in the context of Catholic teaching. Each component consists of seven weekly sessions that include a teaching and an opportunity to share in a small group setting. This series reaches out to everyone who desires to become an active member in the Catholic Church and lays a foundation for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults “RCIA”.

  • “Discovering Christ” presents an introduction to encounter the love of God through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is designed for all levels of faith with special emphasis for people who feel separated from God, may be on the fringes of the Church, or are encountering the Lord for the first time. The evening begins with a meal in a small group setting. The meal is followed by a teaching on some of the basics of Catholic Christianity and an opportunity to share in the small group. This series includes an opportunity for a retreat day that encompasses fellowship, teaching, and prayer.
  • Developing a spiritual life of faith is essential for building a firm foundation in our relationship with Christ. “Following Christ” introduces the elements of prayer, scripture, sacraments, and liturgy. Each session incorporates focused teaching on developing a life of prayer, small group sharing, coffee, and dessert.   Please Click Here to Register.
  • Learning to communicate the Gospel and talk about your faith in simple terms with people who have little or no faith experience is a skill to be learned. “Sharing Christ” teaches us how to tell our story of faith in Christ in a natural, comfortable way with people who desperately need to hear the Gospel. This series will equip you to be confident about sharing your faith with others. Sharing Christ follows the same format as the other series including coffee and dessert.


Greeting and Welcome Ministry

Everyone who enters St. Joseph’s is welcomed with a friendly greeting and a warm smile before Sunday morning liturgies. We serve our new families by assisting with registration, connecting them to the activities and opportunities in the parish, and encouraging them to become active in the life of our community. The Welcome and Information Table is staffed and open each Sunday immediately after the Sunday morning liturgies. We also assist with hosting a “Get to Know You” gathering on the second Sunday of every month after the 10:00 am liturgy in the Tonry Room to meet our new families face to face.

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