Life of Leisure

Come together and explore what it means to really have the life you want, a life of meaningful work and the true ability to be at rest. Learn how to avoid the feeling of emptiness we can get from the entertainment culture and how to have a real immersion into the recreation that comes with knowing who we are and how we are meant to live.

Thursdays 7:00-8:30 PM
Tonry Room

Using Josef Pieper’s “Leisure: The Basis of Culture” we will explore these topics

September 14   *We are “un-leisurely” in order to have Leisure

September 28  *Knowing ourselves through our intellectual and active work

October 12  *Leisure as a festive rest from work

October 26  *The Leisurely Arts and the Practical arts

November 9 *Concrete steps for building a life of leisure

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For more information, contact Madeline Jones or call 410-456-5319

Thursday Evening Scripture Forum

September 21, October 5, 19, November 2, 16  7:00-9:00 PM Tonry Room

The Gospel of Matthew is the gateway

into the New Testament;

come and see why!

Like the Old Testament Torah with its five books, Matthew is intentionally structured with five divisions “books” culminating in the great sacrifice of Christ.

September 21

Book 1 (Chapters 1-7)      Jesus Introduced: God’s Perfect Man, the Fulfillment of Law and Israel 

October 5

Book 2 (Chapters 8-10:42) Jesus Authenticates Self in Miracles and Public Work

October 19

Book 3 (11:2-13:52)   Jesus Rejected by the Religious Elite and Book 4 (Chapters 13:53-18:35)

Jesus Creates New Community

November 2

Book 5 (Chapters 19:1-25:46)     Jesus Goes to Jerusalem, the City of the Great King;

November 16

Climax (Chapters 26:1-28:20) Events Surrounding the Great Sacrifice

Snacks & Wine Included