Listen to what God is calling you to do … and then do it!

God calls each of us to a unique role in this world.

Many of us are called to married life, building strong Catholic families.  A few are called to be single, witnessing to Christ and serving our communities and families as individuals.  But some of us are called to serve all of us as priests, brothers, sisters, nuns, deacons.

How do you KNOW what God wants you to do with YOUR life?

ASK Him.

Those who are most content in their choice LISTEN to a still, quiet voice talking to them – God.
Pray and participate in the Mass and Eucharistic Adoration if you are not sure of your choice,

TRUST God will choose the best path for you….



Prayers to Find Your Vocation

Apostolate of Prayer


Web Resources

Archdiocese of Baltimore Vocations Office
This site is rich with information for families, married couples, and those interested in becoming priests and religious as well as deacons

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Vocations Web Site

Books on discerning a vocation


Religious communities in the Archdiocese of Baltimore


SJCC Vocations Committee and Its Work


Mission Statement

Led by the Holy Spirit, we the Vocations Committee of St. Joseph’s Catholic Community, depend on God’s grace and guidance to encourage and nurture a culture within the parish which brings a sharper awareness of vocations to the priesthood and religious life so everyone can hear and respond to God’s call.


Activities the committee supports

All Saint’s Day essays with Religious Education classes grades 4 – 8
National Vocations Awareness Week
World Day of Prayer for Vocations
Vocations related program for Confirmation Classes
RESPOND bulletin inserts in the bulletin sharing information about vocations of all types.


Our Partners

The Vocations Committee is a sub-group of the Christian Formation Commission. We work closely with the pastor, Youth Ministry, the Liturgy staff, Religious Education Office, Eucharistic Adoration and the Welcoming Ministry in the Parish. We also work with the assistance of the Archdiocesan Vocations Office. Other organizations essential to our ministry are the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court St. Joseph.


Committee Members

Jean Hruch
David Love
Arlene Klair, Chair
Sue Wilson
Mark Wieber


If you would like to be part of the important work of supporting vocations at St. Joseph Catholic Community, contact Arlene Klair.