Seven Sister’s Apostolate

The Seven Sisters Apostolate is a quiet ministry that offers Holy Hours for our priests and Archbishop Lori.
There are 7 women who cover each day of the week for our priests each choosing the day that suits their schedule.

Archbishop Lori, under the Apostolate website guidelines, has three women, per day, offering a Holy Hour for him, covering all seven days of the week. Holy Hours are offered either in an Adoration Chapel or before a Tabernacle of any Catholic Church.

The Most Holy Trinity Sisters group follows the same pattern but is praying for the deacons of our parish, as long as they serve in our parish.

Each group has an Anchoress who is available if one needs a substitute for her hour or if any questions arise. We schedule a retreat in May and near the Feast of the Sacred Heart, we gather to pray our Commitment Prayer together beginning the next year of Holy Hours.

The Seven Sisters Apostolate is a call to strengthen the Church by ensuring that a Holy Hour is prayed each day of the week for the sole intention of a specific priest or bishop—a “holy wasting” (cf. Mt. 26:10) or lavishing of prayer for his deeper conformity to Christ.

We hold one Retreat in May, off campus. We plan a gathering in June, near the Feast of the Sacred Heart, ending the past year of Holy Hours and beginning the next year. This could coincide with a Mass or other opportunity for prayer together, either at SJCC or St. Timothy’s Catholic Church.

For more information about this ministry, please contact:

Barbara Faid at [email protected]