Altar Servers


The altar server ministry assists the celebrant and worshiping community in the celebration of the Liturgy of the Mass, special Liturgies and the celebration of the sacraments. Altar Servers are blessed to have an intricate role in the Mass, performing specific actions and setting an example to the congregation by their active participation in the Liturgy.



 Boys and girls fifth grade and up who have received their first Holy Communion are eligible to be trained to be Altar Servers. Exceptions have been made for younger siblings who have received their first Holy Communion and will be accompanied in serving with a sibling. Additionally, Altar Servers should have a desire to serve regularly and be willing to serve at Mass if needed. 

Training Sessions

 Training sessions are generally available on an on-going basis. During Phase 2 of the COVID19 Re-opening Plan, all training sessions have been suspended. Please check back here for updates.


If you are interested in becoming an altar server, please email Linda Schwark.