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Thank you to Everyone who supported our Annual Baby Bottle Campaign.  With your support we raised $7,050.63 for PSC.  Thank you! 

Supporting the “Pregnancy Support Center of Carroll County” (PSC) in Westminster.  

Their Mission
The Pregnancy Support Center of Carroll County is an organization dedicated to providing support and resources to pregnant women and fostering hope in the lives of individuals and families.

Why Your Support is So Important!

They provide a safe, confidential environment; one-on-one consultation; and the information necessary to make an empowered, informed decision.  Shortly after the Westminster pregnancy center received an ultrasound machine, a young couple came in expressing that they were seriously considering an abortion.   Through the pregnancy center’s counseling,  the young woman agreed to have a sonogram.  Upon learning that she was pregnant with twins, the couple decided to continue with the pregnancy and, indeed, delivered healthy twins!

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