“There are many good reasons to honour Saint Joseph, and to learn from his life. He was a man of strong faith. He earned a living for his family — Jesus and Mary — with his own hard work… He guarded the purity of the Blessed Virgin, who was his Spouse.

“And he respected — he loved! — God’s freedom, when God made his choice: not only his choice of Our Lady the Virgin as his Mother, but also his choice of Saint Joseph as the Husband of Holy Mary.”

St Josemaria Escriva
The Forge, 552


Friday, April 26th

Spending time in the Adoration Chapel can be overwhelming for those not comfortable in quiet spaces.

As we celebrate Saint Joseph, we challenge each of you to experience the blessings of Adoration by spending just 30 minutes in the Chapel. 

Remember that if you don’t know how to pray.. Put yourself in the presence of God, and as soon as you have said, “Lord, I don’t know how to pray” you have already started.

Saturday, April 27th

St. Joseph altars, representing the Holy Trinity, are divided into three sections with a statue of St. Joseph at the head. The devout place candles, figurines, flowers, medals, and other items around the altar creating a beautiful, lush, and overflowing effect. The altar thank St. Joseph for being our patron. 

Place offerings on the Altar to Saint Joseph in the Cassidy Center

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Enjoy a Four-Course Meal

First Course: Antipasto appetizer

Second Course: Italian Wedding Soup and House Salad

Third Course: Rigatoni and Meatballs in a red sauce

Fourth Course: Cannoli Cake and Italian Cookies

Drinks: Red and White Wine, Iced Tea, Water, Coffee, and Tea

Music provided by Special Guest DJ: Jake Miller

Not able to join us for dinner, come on out and cut a rug with us after 8:30 pm

No charge for dancing!

Donations will be collected for the following charities on the altar for Saint Joseph.  Each of these charities was picked to represent a different aspect of our patron saint.