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  1. Cathy Nusbaum

    I asked Father Armando as well, and he agreed. The Church allows for the donation of the body for medical research, so long as there is an appropriate committal of the body according to the Church’s guidelines for after the research is completed. You would need to specify in the appropriate legal documents that your body be returned to your family for burial once the research facility to which you have donated it is finished with its studies.

  2. Lyn Tokar

    Question from tonight regarding if a Catholic can donate their body to science – I googled it and the 1st resource that came up was from EWTN:
    The answer to the reader’s question is, “Yes,” one can give one’s body to science, and the Church permits this. It is highly recommended that the bodies be interred in a Catholic cemetery, although there is freedom to choose another cemetery unless a specific ecclesiastical law forbids it.

    The article can be found here: https://www.ewtn.com/catholicism/library/donating-ones-body-to-science-2836

  3. Vicki Lowe

    Just checking tue link. Is this the Catechism in a Year chat?

    • Cathy Nusbaum

      Absolutely. Glad you found us!


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