Class is Full.

The SJCC Parishioners have taken up Fr. John’s challenge!  When we read Nehemiah 8 back in the winter, we saw that Ezra the Scribe read and commented on the Law from sunrise to midday, 6 hours in all!  Fr. John challenged the church if 25 people signed up for a six-hour Scripture lesson, he would teach it. 

More than 25 have signed up, and Fr. John will keep his end of the bargain!  

Join Us Saturday, June 25, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, he will provide an intense study of the covenants beginning with creation, our very own Ezra Day! 

We provide a light breakfast; you bring your own lunch.  All are invited even if you did not sign up originally.  

Limited: 40 people