Faith Formation Volunteer Opportunities

What Can I Do?

If you love being Catholic and have a desire to share our faith, there are opportunities to volunteer in Faith & Family (Grades Pre-K through 8) online and in person (when onsite programming is permitted). We offer training and support and assistance when needed.

* Note: All gatherings in person are subject to determination base on gathering and social distancing requirements by the Archdiocese of Baltimore and the Governor of Maryland.

Pre-School Catechist *

  • For in-person gatherings only.
  • Provide a themed lesson and play during a 30-minute session once a month.
  • Pre-K Catechists will be needed to oversee this age group if archdiocesan/state/local restrictions allow meetings.

Grade Level Catechist (K-8)

  • Use publisher’s portal to facilitate online lessons for approximately 15 students.
  • Work with your grade level team to create monthly communication (email or video) for students to provide an overview of the month’s material.
  • Work with your grade level team to create monthly communication (email or video) for parents on how to incorporate the lessons of the month into their family life at home.
  • Track student progress and send gentle reminders to parents whose children have not logged in.
  • Report student progress to the Faith Formation Administrative Assistant regularly.
  • If gathering is allowed, lead a 30-minute class on the first Sunday of every month*.

Lead Catechist

  • Perform all duties of a grade level catechist.
  • Coordinate your grade level team to prepare in-person lesson content for monthly gatherings*.
  • Coordinate monthly messages (for parents) with your grade level team.
  • Support and be an encouraging voice for your team.

Teacher Aides and Hall Monitors*

  • Assist the catechist with classroom activities.
  • Direct parents and students to their classrooms.
  • Gather supplies needed for instruction.
  • Teacher aides and hall monitors are needed if archdiocesan/state/local restrictions allow gatherings*.