We Need You!

For our program to take place, we need you to step-up and help the children fulfill their baptismal vows by taking on the challenge of being a Small Group Leader. Whether you are a parent of a child in faith formation or not, you can be a great asset to our children. We want to surround our children with a cloud of witnesses of all ages (those of you of grandparent age, we’d love your involvement!).

Our twelve-session model, broken into a Fall and a Winter semester with 6 classes per semester, is meant to lessen the burden on catechists (Small Group Leaders) and prepare parents to reinforce the faith in their homes. The task of teaching the lessons will be on the SJCC staff, not on you. We desire that you come and enjoy being part of the children’s lives for 12 1-hour and 15-minute sessions. Your responsibilities are two: relational ministry, intentionally forming relationships with the children and parents; and leading small groups, helping the children share their hearts with one another. 

Without you, we cannot make this happen! Please, pray and discern to see whether the Lord is calling you to help form and love His little ones.

  • Relational ministry: building trust through listening and actively receiving the children. Be mothers and fathers or brothers and sisters to them, that is what their little hearts desire.
  • Leading Small Groups: facilitate and guide their sharing time after the lesson. The focus is to provide them with a space where they can intentionally and vulnerably share what is in their hearts.

Primary Expectations of the Small Group Leaders:

  • Prepare by reading, studying, and praying through the resource page and lesson content which will be provided
  • Help with activities and games for the children
  • During small group, the Send section, listen and use the provided questions to stir dialogue and apply the talk’s lesson to each child’s life
  • Help the children to focus during the talk and prayer