Walking through the glass doors highlighting the etched glass entitled “The Shield of Grace”*, we are reminded of God’s abundant life and love which constantly surrounds us. Once through the doors leading into the main body (or nave) of the building, we come face to face with the baptismal pool. The flowing, life-giving waters boldly remind us of our identity as a people baptized into Christ.

We reaffirm our baptism and the call to embrace the cross by using this one source to mark ourselves with the sign of the cross. We are further reminded to take up the cross that leads to glory by the shape of the pool’s interior floor and the processional cross that stands nearby. In reaffirming our baptism, we accept the challenge of being transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ, so that God’s healing presence can find expression in the world today through us.

The floor of the baptismal pool holds a sunburst mosaic. This ancient symbol for Christ recalls the glory bestowed on all God’s sons and daughters. Sharing in Christ’s glory requires that we also share in his cross.