High on the reredos wall is a large stained glass window.

The diameter of the window and the repeated sunburst symbol reflect the baptismal pool, where the path of discipleship begins. The circular design and the radiant colors speak to the end of the disciple’s journey where there will be completeness and fullness of glory with God. Thus, the window reveals something of the beauty of God and God’s dream for us.

It depicts the Energy of God we call GRACE, radiating from the Love of God, the heart of the Holy Trinity. Dynamic lines and colors spiral out and in through a series of color fields symbolizing water of life—Baptism; fire of love—Confirmation; circle of light—gold wheat, red and purple grapes, Eucharist, Communion. The compact radiating circle seems itself to be in motion symbolizing the constant energy of God’s all inclusive love experienced as GRACE in the life of God’s people.

The stained glass window was designed by artist Sr. Margie Thompson. It was built by Don Hector, of Lambertville Stained Glass Co. in Lambertville, NJ.

The window was finalized and installed on April 14, 2000 in time for Holy Week and Easter. The lights behind the window were first officially turned on during Easter Vigil.