Maryland’s March For Life

Join Parishioners of SJCC as they once again March for Life in Maryland!  

Monday, February 27th

Now that Roe has been overturned, the fight for life has returned to the state level and has become MORE important than ever. This year will be the hardest fight we’ve ever had in Annapolis to protect innocent life. It’s expected that an abortion amendment which may include infanticide UP to 28 days and an Assisted Suicide bill will pass. It’s not a certainty, but the odds are long to stop these, SO WE NEED YOU TO FIGHT NOW. Our voices matter.

The Knights of Columbus have donated so that we have a school bus to take us all to Annapolis. We will leave the SJCC parking lot at 3:30 pm and return by 10:00 pm. We will gather with everyone at St. Mary’s and participate in a prayer and worship service in their parking lot and then March to the State Capitol for the Rally.

(Bonus: we also get free Chick-Fil-A)

Please sign up for a spot on the bus to help us have a voice in Annapolis!

Limited seats available, save yours today: