Monday Intercessory Prayers


Please pray for –

Our Mission Support Staff

  • Financial Manager-Lauren Glass
  • Communications- Cathy Nusbaum
  • Business Office Assistant-Erika Wiegand
  • Office Manager- Karen O’Connor
  • Technology Coordinator-Bill Lantry
  • Facilities Manager-Tom Schwartz
  • Facilities Staff-Kathy Dorsey, Eddie Beane, Eric Borcherding, and Josh Pickett

Our Faith Formation Families & Ministers

For those who meet today for Faith Formation, pray for the coordinators, catechists, and the children they teach that the knowledge and love of Christ would be imparted into the hearts and souls of the children.


 Service, Justice and Life Ministers

Pray that the work of this Commission would be directed by the Holy Spirit for its future direction for our parish.