For all of the sick Jim Worsley, Joanne Eisenstadt, Sandy Gruel, The Moan Family especially Andrew Moan, Katie Engemann, Ann Dickman, Franz Martin, Beata Kerr, Frances Ironmonger,  Beverly Brinkley, Dawn Downing, Heather Ruane, Deacon Karl Bayhi, Carolyn Nacewicz, Abby Cafiero, Lucille Perron, Doris Wagner, Michael Kirchner ….Let us pray to the Lord: Lord, hear our prayer.

For all who have died:  Ann Harris, Laura Ditizio, Earl Young III, MariEllen Leonhartt, Andrew Barilla, Jeanne Noble, David Holtkamp, Dominick Santarelli… Let us pray to the Lord: Lord, hear our prayer. 

As of 6/23/2022


Please contact our Parish Office to add your loved one to our prayer list.  All names will remain on this list for one month, if a longer period of time is needed, please let us know.

443.920.9191 | [email protected]


Here is the name of the homicide victim from June 5 and June 11:

Anthony Barksdale, 63

Brian Jones, 19

Craig Phillips Jr., 18

Darren Barnes, 22

Donald Demetrius White, 32

Justin Stewart, 32

Tyrone Walker, 37

Denard Hunt, 31