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For all the sick… Linda McDougall, Bonnie Abend, Paulette Crossland, Julia Montz, Ann Clark, Deacon Karl Bayhi, Heather Sanchez, Dawn Downing, Cathleen Wilkinson, Jean Beere, Jack Garner, James Lingg, Irene Alese, Clive Edward, Jim Briles, Robert Moan, John Dirndorfer, Donna Wertz, Stephen Serio, Mary Faquir, John Abendschein, Nancy Rescigno, Vincent Daniello, Deacon Vito Piazza Sr,  Peggy Moan, Ben Dean, Lois Shipley, Cecelia Booth, Mary and Larry Brown, David Foley,  Zeny Winterling, Angela Lambert-Hall, Greg Allen, Jaden Shipley, Myrtle Carmine,  Nancy Berhardt, Andrew Moan, Marion Kniska, Wendy Lane, Brittany Smith, Alicia Bryan, Eleanor Cassilly,  Alexandra Trocher,  Sarah Peters, Janis Gilbert, Kellie Fauls, Heather Gunther, Rosemary Murray, Judith LeBaron, Rebecca McAndrew, Ray Vaccare, Mary Helen Molnar, Carolyn Nacewicz, Abby Cafiero,  Lucille Perron, Doris Wagner, Michael Kirchner, Angie Norfolk, Frances Ironmonger,  Jane Bucci, Blanche Capriolo  ….Let us pray to the Lord: Lord, hear our prayer.

For all who have died: Bradley Reyes, Valeria Provenzano, Donald Pressimone, Kenneth Kovak, Irene Alesi, Kevin John Buckley, Mary Rita Hoffman, Jeff Owens, Robert Ohm … Let us pray to the Lord: Lord, hear our prayer. 

As of  7/26/2021


To add your loved one to our prayer list, please contact the parish office at 443.920.9191 or via email.

Here are the names of the homicide victims from 7/11-7/17.

Josiah Rogers, 23

Kim Allen, 58

Jose Vazquez-Cruz, 27

Delante Laboo, 34

Nicholes Lee, 24

Eric Berry, 34

Candace Acevedo, 28

James Glover III, 39

Joseph Frazier, 24

Alysse Gardner, 34

Anthony Cain, 34