Prayers of the Faithful

We ask for your prayers to remember all of the sick and deceased members of our community this week, especially… 


For all of the sick…  Don Blais, Kathy Timanus, Gary Lyles, Esther King, Bill Kniska, Alicia Bryan, Natasha Speidel, Katrina Berkel, Alicia Bryan, Katrina Berkel, Carmella Campbell, Mel Gysegem, Charles Snelling, Danny Clark, Jean Carroll, Lisa Wing, Donna Muffoletto, Pat Kovacsi, Maria Rios, Kurt Hider, Priscilla Lemak, Brittany Chairs Smith, JoAnna King, Zack King, George Moriatis, Beverly Brinkley, Alec Kerr,  Christopher Dustin, Ann Clark, Gertrude Frazier, Chris Comes, Angela Carol Ellis, Deacon Karl Bayhi, Abby Cafiero, Lucille Perron, Doris Wagner, Michael Kirchner ….Let us pray to the Lord: Lord, hear our prayer.

For all who have died: Henry Douglas Henson, Hector Favazzi, Jane Kerrigan, Clifford Yeager, Gail Daniello… Let us pray to the Lord: Lord, hear our prayer.

updated on 12/5/2023


Please contact our Parish Office to add your loved one to our prayer list.  All names will remain on this list for one month. 

If a longer period is needed, please let us know. 

443.920.9191 | [email protected]