Prison Ministry

The PRISON MINISTRY provides a “Liturgy of the Word” service to inmates at the local state prison Central MD Correctional Facility (CMCF) near Sykesville, MD. This is essentially a Mass Service that includes the distribution of pre-consecrated Hosts to inmates by our volunteers since the inmates cannot leave the prison to go to Mass. We ”Visit the Imprisoned,” a Spiritual Act of Mercy, as requested by the Lord, to show the inmates attending our service that they are thought about and loved. 

Occasionally our Priests visit with us to provide a complete Mass, Confessions, and we have had a Baptism plus Confirmation of an inmate wishing to convert. We also provide some religious reading materials for the inmates and listings of outside help/resources for when they leave the facility. For the inmates, this facility is typically used for the last year of their incarceration. The inmates attending the service are helpful, joining, and glad they have the Catholic Service brought to them. We do not provide any advisory services to the inmates. 

This ministry service and attention may help them take a straighter path and attend Mass after leaving CMCF.

Every Saturday morning from 8:15 to 10:15 am and includes some casual discussion of the “Readings” for the following day, Sunday.

For more information about this ministry, please contact:

Andy Becker at [email protected] or 443-280-5980

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