150 Years… Something to Celebrate!

We Remember that the Patapsco River, the railroad and the land attracted wealthy families to “Horse Train Stop,” and that farming and mining jobs brought Roman Catholic laborers.  We remember they started to meet in small groups, in their own homes, in order to share faith and build relationships. We remember with thanks that land for a church in Sykesville was donated in 1865, the cornerstone laid in 1867, and the church completed in 1873.  We remember the first Eldersburg church opened in 1965 and the second in 1998. We remember The Society of Mary – the Marianists – took pastoral leadership in 1981.  We remember the strong faith and dedication of those who went before us.  Above all, we remember with joy the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

We Celebrate the blessings the Lord is giving us now.  We celebrate the volunteers whose hospitality helps us to welcome people: those new and those returning at the door of our church each Sunday and at our monthly Welcome Meeting. We celebrate the generous support of our community members who enable us to hire a staff, and help organize programs and events so that we can deeply encounter Christ.  We celebrate the new programs and Connect groups that have emerged in the last three years, helping us accompany each other in faith.  We celebrate our parish church, a large, open and congregationally friendly space, where we are supported in vibrant liturgical celebrations of the Holy Eucharist.  We celebrate those who know they are sent each Sunday to bring the love of Christ to their families and those in need.

We Dream, as Saint Joseph did, that the Word of God will be brought safely into the future.  We dream that men and women will answer God’s call to be priests, sisters, brothers, deacons and lay ecclesial ministers.  We dream we can positively impact our neighborhoods – those of South Carroll County and the surrounding areas to Northern Howard County – so we are both haven and home.  We dream we can reconnect with those who have walked away from our faith community, either because of indifference or having experienced hurt.  We dream our community will be marked by the spirit of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

We dream that our Vision Statement be realized:   Embracing Christ’s Life and Reflecting His Love.

Between April 2018 and May 2019, more than twenty events were hosted and celebrated by the entire parish and community showcasing the very best of SJCC.  Meghan Channing, chairman of SJCC150, and the entire committee worked tireless to celebrate every moment of this special year.  Bringing back old traditions like the Chicken BBQ to creating new events like Homecoming, the Father’s Day Festival in Historic Sykesville and a Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  We continue to dream of a future that celebrates are parishioners, welcomes new members, and reconnects with those who have stepped away.