Intercessory Prayers

Please Pray for –

Our Clergy

  • Pastor, Fr. John Worgul
  • Associate Pastor, Fr. Armando Alejandro
  • Deacon Michael Dvorak, Deacon Vito S. Piazza Sr., Deacon Joseph Slattery and Deacon Karl Bayhi

Our Mission Staff

  • Director of Evangelization –Pedro Silva
  • Director of Music – to be hired
  • Coordinator of Adolescent Faith Formation-April Dietrick
  • Coordinator of Children’s Faith Formation-Angela Jenkins
  • Faith Formation Assistant-Mary Ellen Will

Our Liturgy Ministers

  • Lectors
  • Cantors
  • Musicians
  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Ushers

Pray that their participation may make our liturgies vibrant and welcoming.

Our Evangelization Ministers

Pray that God will build up a great team and that God will move in the hearts of many.

Our Faith Formation Ministers

For those who meet today for Faith Formation, pray for the coordinators, catechists, and the children they teach that the knowledge and love of Christ would be imparted into the hearts and souls of the children.

Our RCIA Candidates and Catechumens

Please pray for the candidates and catechumens as they prepare to be fully received into the Catholic Church that the Holy Spirit would touch their hearts, and they would grow in a personal relationship with Jesus.

Our Welcome Meeting Ministers

Pray for those seeking membership to Saint Joseph Catholic Community that they would embrace fully the community life here. This meeting happens on the Second Sunday of Each Month via Zoom. 

Pray for those facilitating the Welcome Meetings:  Colleen Buscek & Teri McLeod

Our Baptism Ministers & Families

Pray that the parents of the children to be baptized will live out their God-given responsibilities to raise their children in the Catholic faith.  Our sessions with these parents are on the second and third Sunday of each month.